Welcome to Perth Trail Series!

We’ve got over 90 events every year! Trail maintenance days, rubbish clean ups, FREE Thursday night social run in Kings Park, social hills runs, and 17 annual events throughout Perth, Peel, the Southwest and Great Southern regions.  We’ve got so many ways for you to join in because we’re here to welcome you onto the Trails! Woohoo! 

Thanks for checking out our community! We really hope you join us!

We’re all about getting more people on the trails, more often. All you need is a positive, prepare for adventure type of attitude for this journey! We’ll provide the fun social vibe, and the scenic rewarding trail running experience. It’s so much fun and super family friendly because we’re all about making trail running accessible to as many people as possible. Bring your support crew out to cheer you on! 

Walk or Run, it’s all about Fun! Woohoo! It’s time to Uncivilise Yourself! Register for one of our events today!

Perth Trail Series events


Hello newbie! If you’re new to trail running follow the journey here to find out the what and the how!


You know what you’re doing – and you just want to get involved in your next event!



There are sooooo many benefits when you take up Trail Running. Our community of thousands right here in WA will tell you that trail running allows you to:

  • Get your body moving! Whether you walk or run – we all know that movement is super important for your health and body.
  • Gets you into nature – switch off that phone, jump up off the couch and take in the incredible natural scapes we have here in WA. Getting out into nature is incredible for both your mental and physical health!
  • Have fun! Whether you’re a complete newbie to trails or have been running our events for years there’s one thing that is always guaranteed – you will have the absolute BEST time! It’s more than a race it’s a complete event experience.
  • Set yourself a challenge – getting stuck in the day to day happens to the best of us. Register for a trail run and shake things up!

Like so many runners before you who have fallen in love with the trails, you may have just found your new favourite hobby. Sign up for one of our trail races today to get in on all the fun! Woohoo!

Upcoming events

We’ve got events running throughout the entire year ! Check out some of our events coming up. We’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned runner, just starting out or a regular on the trails, our events are perfect for you! With different course distances available, there will be a trail event perfect for your ability and experience.