Event Recap - QI GONG

It's A Wrap - Qi Gong!

Woohoo!!! What an amazing morning to find your inner Qi!

Thanks for coming out and joining us for Qi Gong. We loved your smiles, your stories of conquering the hills, and hearing your Woohoos!

A massive congratulations goes out to each and every participant for their amazing efforts out on course.

Read on to check out the results, the photos, and the important dates to add to your calendar of what’s next!

All The Thanks!

PTS Crew: Our Woohoo Crew make these events possible. Their smiling faces when you arrive at Bib Collection, the encouragement and woohoos out on course, assisting you at the Top Up Stops, and greeting you at the Finish Line with well dones, delicious fruit and PTS Punch! Thank you to all our Woohoo Crew who assisted at Qi Gong – you’re simply AWESOME!!!

PTS Team: It gives us the biggest smile hearing all the comments during and after the event telling us how well organised Qi Gong was, and how much you love PTS events. It’s made possible by the AMAZING PTS TEAM! Massive Woohoo and trail love goes out to Vince, Deej, Shane, Nino, Stu, and Jess. 

Photos: A BIG Woohoo to Patrick! View the official event day snaps by clicking the button below. Please keep sharing your amazing photos and videos in the PTS Social Group on Facebook – we love seeing your smiles, your fab pics of the Qi Gong hills, and hearing all about how you went on event day.

Thank You: Paul from Gongwalkabout for the wonderful gong experience! To Michael the Coffee Crusader and Bite My Burger for keeping us caffeinated and well fed! To Peppars Softball Club for their awesome work as the Event Village Woohoo Crew and to @funkymed.store for their wonderful finisher prizes! Lastly, thanks to BIX Hydration for their delicious recovery drinks.

And the biggest Woohoo to you!!! Thank you so much for being part of this awesome trail community! We’ve got Sly Fox on Sunday 13 February. Yes, it’s our Valentine’s gift to you!!! It will be here before you know it, so invite your friends and get your registration locked in now! Woohoo!!!

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Fun Facts / Stats


Black Course - 1 hour 31minutes
Blue Course - 1 hour 15 minutes
Green Course - 55 minutes
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We're always doing our part to improve the parks so a huge THANK YOU to everyone who collected rubbish while out on course! We hope you enjoy your rubbish awards!
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Hydration - it’s a minimum 500mL but you can always carry more. In fact it's encouraged, especially on warm summer days. Trails require a level of self sufficiency and a "prepared for anything" attitude.


PTS welcomed 72 brand new participants at Qi Gong! Woohoo!


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