Health & Safety


What Can I Expect at a PTS Trail Running Event?

We get it – if you’re not familiar with trails it can seem a little daunting! But don’t worry we’ve got you covered! 

Safety is of upmost importance to the PTS team and our events. We work hard to ensure everything we do is safe for both our participants and the environment.

Your health and safety are at the forefront of our minds throughout the planning process, that means that at each and every event you can expect:

  • There will always be medical professionals on-site to tend to any emergencies.
  • We require all of our runners to carry an ample water supply
  • We clearly mark the route to prevent anyone from getting lost – we have blue flagging tape and arrows all around the course so you won’t get lost.
  • We have a great team of staff and volunteers at every event to make sure all runs smoothly.

Remember! We’re a professional team, who spend hundreds of hours each week making sure your event day experience is awesome. We’ve got full event staff on the day making sure you’re 100% looked after and you’ll experience the trails, nature and community stress and worry free.

So what are you waiting for? Register today!