Where do i begin


Our events – Where do I begin?

So you’ve heard about us, or you’ve decided it’s time to get some adventure into your life! Woohoo!


Welcome. You’re in the right place. Strap your socks on because we’re a super fun community! If you’re new to trail running or making the switch from road running or never run a step in your life – we’re here to support you all the way! We’ve got a few things to help you get started on the right foot – pun definitely intended!

We break down the experiences into categories:

Green      Blue      Black      Double Black



Walk or Run, All about Fun! Distances range from ~4km-6km and usually take up to 75 minutes to complete. A great option if you’re just getting into the trails/running, or coming back after injury/break. Get a mate, get into these and get ready for FUN!

Blue: You love running and your friends think you’re fit! You can comfortably run 10km in the city. Distances range from ~9km-14km and for most runners it’s ~90min+ time on trail. If you’re currently active and looking for a good time mixed with a bit of challenge, get a mate and do this together!

For the experienced runners! Distances range from ~15km-25km These challenges can take a few hours! And training is key. You’ve gotta get in the training to enjoy these, so get your training mate and have some friendly accountability competition!

For the very experienced runners looking for the ultimate challenge! Distances range from ~30km-100km These feats can take all day! And training is key. You’ve gotta train to complete these, so get your training mate and a program because you’ll need it!

Which event to run?

Individual events VS Complete Series

We offer several opportunities throughout the year, giving you the chance to give yourself an extra challenge. Sign up for each event individually, or commit to the entire series right from the start for added motivation. Check out your options! 

Complete Series

This means you register for all events within the series. We have our Summer and Winter Series. By registering for the complete series you participate in every event and collect our much coveted Mega Medal! We’ve designed all our events to be amazing experiences regardless of which you pick. If you’re along for the entire series, Woohoo! Get excited and get ready for 4 months of awesome adventure! We encourage you to stick along on this journey for at least 6 months, and of course, for life. But don’t worry we make getting fit super fun!

Individual Event

This means you register for just one event – you’ll get a taste of what trail running is all about and you’ll definitely want to sign up for more! 

We’ve got so many options! Try one in your backyard, or make it a weekend away!  Expect a fun, challenging course with a mixture of trail goodness – single track, fire trails, flats and hills. Grab your friends and sign up today.