Our Volunteers or as we affectionately call you: The Woohoo Crew!

You’re a HUGE part of our Perth Trail Series team. Our event day volunteers add so much to the woohoo and high five-ing spirit at our events. PTS Crew help make these races possible and allow our trail runners to participate in a fun, safe, and organized way.

The Woohoo Crew is a way to get involved and gain all the benefits that our runners feel (without having to run) because you’re welcomed into our community! 

You’ll receive so much trail love through woohoo’s and high fives.

Why join the PTS Crew?

It’s a great way to be part of the awesomeness, without getting too sweaty.
Some of the reasons to join:

  • To check out what PTS is all about
  • A great way to stay involved, when injury prevents you from participating in the event
  • To share in on the fun! Friends, family, and/or partners spectating, can take it to the next level by joining us at creating a great social event
  • To be rewarded with coffee at the events, primo parking and discounts to future events

What roles will I have?

A variety of things, including but not limited to:People help out for a number of reasons:

  • Pre Running the Course – Have a bit of a trot before the event, ensuring the all important course markers are still in place
  • Sweeping – You have a bit of a trot, following behind the last runners
  • Course Marshals – Help direct runners on the course and cheer runners on
  • Parking – Directing cars into spaces, and sometimes manning entry gates
  • Bib Collection – Be the face that greets the runners, checking them in and handing out event bibs
  • Aid Stations– Prepare food and assisting runners to refuel along the course
  • Timing – Giving woohoos as runners cross the line, and ensuring those all important finish times are recorded
  • Trail Maintenance – Where we give back to the parks we love by tidying up the trails with secateurs

How do I sign up?

If you’re ready to join PTS Crew please hit the button below!