Cant be bothered? What to do!

You know this happens sometimes, only sometimes right?! (Yes even I have the odd time I’m not 100% stoked to do my training)

Once in a ‘Blue Moon’ you just can’t be arsed to get the training session done ,that your program dictates. What? But all those Insta posts suggest that if I look at them often enough I’ll have endless motivation and drive to achieve anything I wish… Cough cough, wake up and come back to reality! Haha.

On the days you just aren’t feeling it, what should you do?Firstly try to honestly assess why you feel this way? Lacking in sleep, too high a training load or intensity in the week and struggling to recover, niggling injury, been out ‘on the turps’ and suffering, bored of running the same trail every time or maybe life’s struggles outside of training are affecting your emotional energy and therefore training energy…Once you’ve decided why you feel lacklustre, you can start figuring out what you should do next.If you’ve come to the conclusion that your program is too hard for you at the moment, it may be time to reassess it and rewrite it. Maybe you’ve actually earned a rest and recovery day and you. can bounce back strong for your next training session.If the ol’ injury is bugging you, but you’ve been ignoring it…

Maybe you better stop that and start a rehabbing program alongside an easier training volume.If a fun, over indulging Sat night has too regularly stuffed around your Sun long run, check you priorities and/or you discipline, both Sat night and Sun morning.

Are your short term pleasurable nights negatively affecting your long term goals?Lacking in sleep but otherwise fine, you could substitute the long run for a short run, focussed on your breathing and technique, so you get something done even if it wasn’t what the training program had planned. Or go back to sleep instead of procrastinating and in the end not achieving the run or catch up sleep.

Change your route, go exploring and don’t worry about distance or pace. Make sure you’ve got a good sense of direction and navigation tools, water etc, don’t want you lost out there and dehydrated.Take a close friend on your run and chew their ear off about your troubles and use them as a sounding board, come back from the run freshly vented and feeling better.If this is happening most weeks…??

I hear Bunnings has cans of ‘Toughen up’ on special. πŸ€”πŸ€¨πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

Train hard, train smart

Ricey πŸ€ŸπŸ»πŸ˜ƒπŸ’ͺ🏻