Summer Tips by Abby

A few tips from PTS Expert Abby Dixon
πŸ˜€ This post is to help those out with nutrition and hydration. It’s what I’ve found through advice, trial and error.

πŸ’§it matters if I’m dehydrated the day before, I always make sure I sip on fluid the day before a race…skulling the evening prior or the morning of seems a bit late for my body to utilise mid race

🍟 I prefer simple carbs the day before and less protein (ie go pasta rather than roast)

🚰 Skulling fluid during a race makes me feel seedy as it bounces around in my gut..

⛰️ I try to sip fluid along the way, especially on uphill sections when I’m not bouncing around

πŸ§ƒ Sipping some kind of electrolyte ie tailwind, SIS etc is really helpful, carry a separate bottle for this (soft flasks are awesome)

🍬 And/or you can have gels, or shot Bloks.. chat to our local running stores for their advice on this 

⏰Aim to have some kind of electrolyte/nutrition every 30-45 minutes if you are new to the sport

πŸ– Try to get protein in within 30 minutes of finishing the event. This has made a huge difference to me. If I ensure this, I can get on with my day without crashing later in the afternoon ** it greatly assists bone 🦴 recovery as well
πŸ„ My preference is the fancy expensive choc milks, esp those with extra protein or the Tailwind recovery satchets
✌🏻 Happy new year and stay cool everyone! πŸ₯³