‘Go to’ exercises to help rectify poor posture

Following on from the stretching post, I noticed a few comments about slouchy posture… So today’s post is one of my ‘go to’ exercises to help rectify poor posture. We all spend too much time on mobiles and computers, not enough time aware of our posture, in everyday life and in our running. Stretching the chest and shoulders using the broomstick helps, however other than stretching we also need to strengthen our upper back.Using bands or a cable machine in the gym, you will set up by grounding your feet at a comfortable, strong width stance, with slight bend in knees. Hips tucked with engaged core and glutes. Torso tall and upright, not leaning backwards, keep head and neck held in natural position looking ahead. Hands starting with palms facing each other, straight arms, held at shoulder height. Pulling back your arms, opening up the chest with straight wrists. Draw back, shoulder blades gliding in towards the spine, pause slightly at the best range you can manage then resist the pressure on the way back to starting position.This exercise will help you to be more aware of, feel and control your Thoracic posture in work, rest and during your running.

Train hard, train smart

Ricey 🤟🏻😃💪🏻