Transform Your NEXT Run with these Tips

🔥🔥🔥 7 Hot Tips to transform Your NEXT Trail Run🔥🔥🔥

We chatted with a Top Bloke, and Top PTS Runner, Hilton Power, to come up with the following list!

Tip 1 – Hydrate 🌊 Drink lots of water the day before your run. Try coconut water or sprinkle some sea salt in your normal water.

Tip 2 – Headspace 🤯 No one takes home a sheep station. Enjoy the whole experience, being out in the bush, the awesome trail runners around you. Talk to people out on the course. If they’re the same pace as you, they’ll be feeling the same amount of pain or pleasure that you are. It doesn’t matter where you place. It’s all about achieving your goal and getting the best out of you!

Tip 3 – Night Before 😴🛌 Be organised! Get out your race brief and your google maps to see where you’re going, and how long it will take to drive there. Get your water, shoes, outfit ready so you can just get up, get dressed and walk out the door knowing you’ve got this! The more relaxed you can the better.

Tip 4 – Warmup 🏃Do a good warm up as these race tend to start pretty fast and it’s hard!

Tip 5 – Finish Strong 💪 Start at your own pace. If you’re in the hurt locker right at the start it’s going to be a very long day…So, to finish strong, it’s about how you start…at your own pace.

Tip 6- Look Up 🙄 When running on the trails, don’t look at your feet! Look up: about 2-3 meters up the track and pick your path before you get there!

Tip 7 – Hill running 🗻  Shorten your stride and up your cadence. Control your breathing as much as possible . When it starts to get really hard start counting in your head or out loud, smile and enjoy the feeling of achievement (or pain 😂)

Final Tip: Woohoo! 🧡🧡🧡 When you think you’ve got nothing left, you’ve only reached about 70% of what you’ve got! Push through you will surprise yourself 👍 

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