Stretching for runners

After the Pemby Ultra I was definitely a little stiff and sore and presume there were other feeling the same. So this time around I wanted to share my ‘go to’ stretches to keep moving well on the trails.
When doing the stretches I go medium intensity stretch and hold each for 2 mins so I can relax into it and get the most out of my stretch. I add other stretches that relate to my weight training and climbing and will fill 45mins – 1hr, normally 3x per week. I do this long stretch session separate from my other training, before a workout I briefly limber up and warm up only then get into it, but these long stretching sessions keep my body mobile and moving well all week long.
In the video I start with the Calves- straight leg stretch hung back/down into my heel for the Gastroc (upper Calf), then bend the knee and force it forwards whilst pushing down into the heel to stretch the Soleus (lower Calf)-2 mins each alternating legs between. Using the bench I stretch Quads and Hip Flexors – pushing my hips forwards, adding a side bend to include Obliques and Psoas (getting into the core). Targeting the Hammy (back ff leg) – I use the yoga strap go I can keep my hips, back and shoulders flat to the ground and relaxed, leg straight and raised. Adductors (inner thigh) – lower the straight leg out to the side, you can support it so it doesn’t go too far by losing up the strap a little. Abductors (outside of thigh) – by pulling the leg across the body. Now we’ve got the lower legs, upper legs and hips from each direction, front, back, inside, outside.
Plus I’ve added in using a broomstick to open up the Pecs (chest), Anterior Delts (front of shoulder) and Biceps (even though with the camera in landscape it ended up hard to see πŸ™„πŸ˜£). This is because with modern technology everyone is round shouldered and we want to run upright with chest up shoulders back and relaxed.
We do resistance work to get stronger to protect the body, we do cardio exercise to have plenty of energy, why wouldn’t we stretch to use this strong and energetic body in a fuller range of motion??!! No point struggling to move around like the Tin Man without his oil can 😜
Train hard, train smart
Ricey 🀟🏻 πŸ˜ƒ